Channel Spam

Periodically the channels gets battered with spam messages and floods. This is usually the works of drones or trolls.

Be noted that we do not partake in any sort of spamming/advertising measures on EFNet or any other IRC Network.

If you were spammed in some channel or received a private message asking you to join #math - kindly ignore it. It's *NOT* us.

Please do not mention the occurrence of spam in the channel unless the 'spammer' is in the channel. Often the 'spammer' parts the channel before attacking users.

Spam messages received by channel users often involve an invitation to join some other (often irrelevant) channel. In almost all cases the channel has nothing to do with us and spammer is trying to confuse users.

We advice you to use user mode +g to avoid unwanted messages.

Usage of +g

Slapped togather by Osc on 5/sep/04 Last modified 6/sep/04

To set usermode g, the server you are useing must support the mode. To find out if the server supports this mode, type this command anywhere:

/quote help accept

You will get a reply similar to this:

accept ACCEPT <parameter> accept accept ACCEPT allows you to control who can send you a NOTICE or PRIVMSG accept while you have user mode +g enabled. accept accept For +g: /QUOTE ACCEPT <nick> -- Add a permitted nickname accept /QUOTE ACCEPT -<nick> -- Remove a permitted nickname accept /QUOTE ACCEPT * -- List the present permitted nicknames accept End of /HELP.

If you get no reply, or an error, the server you are using doesn't support usermode g.

To set usermode g, type this command anywhere:

//mode $me +g OR /mode <your-nick-here> +g

When a nick that you have not /accept'ed msg's you, you will see:

Testnick user@host.tld is messaging you, and you have umode +g


   * There is a limit to the number of nicks (~20).
   * As with any usermode, to unset change '+' to '-'.
   * Notification (... and you have umode +g) is rate limited to ~1/minute.
   * If the accepted nick changes, the user falls off your accept list to prevent nick tracking.
   * If you change nicks, your accept list is cleared of ALL nicks. There's a reason for this, and a fix may be coming soon.
   * Server Operators can msg past +g. Users can not msg Opers unless the Oper /accept's them. 

The above was just a copy/paste from Many thanks of Osc for pointing it out.