Channel Regulars

[a]orange Picks apart peoples' DNA.
[-K-] Iwasawa algebras
[0urBr3W] catatonically intoxicated
Bumpero Fourier transformer
bbeck computer engineer and firewall bigot
Center Berkeley student
ch0ni differential geometry, topology, and a little physics
cool__G .
Crito The imperfect perfectionist.
crot logic, gangsta rap, the most useless pure math undergraduate at Waterloo
cyby Bouncy triple major from CMU
DaMancha coming at ya from...
Decoy the anti-voice of the channel
dedekind Topology
driggers i know everything
eatmaggot earhole golfer
ermular spelling master, professional name-caller
Evandar a logician from London
evilgeek algorithms, programming, exasperation
fante7 professional slacker, foosball, CMU student, dErf!
flamingsp lowly American undergraduate in Singapore with still-nascent interest areas
Galois bot master & super hoser.
glk integrates calculus.
gzl UPenn Math/CS, idling
HiLander graph theory, combinatorics
hochs arithmetic geometry, number theory, algebra.
Jazzdude Wannabe mathematical physicist.
Karlsen Calculus, Number Theory and Cryptography
KimJ .
koro .
landen Physics SB MIT, PhD Stanford, number theory hobbyist
lhrrwcc Linear homogeneous recurrence relations with constant coefficients
lsmsrbls Smart, important and useful
mattjf cryptography, number theory, linux
maherarar K-theorist, genocidal maniac
mahogny ( Computationalist, applied math & stats, engineering. Bio/Math PhD candidate.
metateck the GNAA spy, also a buddy with qpt
mindspank number theory, complex analysis
moduli algebraic geometry, number theory, algebra
monochrom formal methods in programming, CS PhD candidate
Mortician Mathemagician (UIUC Grad)
nerdy2 ( hard core algebraist
osserman because every channel needs an arithmetic geometer. Sha.
pacitonk Stanford-bound piano student
PdoX .
Poinky arithmetic geometer
R^n unique and locally compact
Safrole Linear Algebra extraordinaire
Syzygy nontrivial homological niftiness.
vitriol Cambridge student
wli computational theorist, collector of quotes
yannick ( .
zeno MIT denizen, master of unanticipated trivia